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Peaks of the Balkans – Municipality of Peja, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro

In the region known as the Great Dinaric Alps, representatives from the local and national governments of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro, along with tourism organisations, have created the Peaks of the Balkans (PoB) transnational hiking trail with the goal of opening both minds and borders.


6_Woman with her Goats Thethi Albania

7_Guide Training With all 3 Countries

8_Information on the Trail


9_Blueberry Days in Plav Montenegro

10_National Park in all 3 countries

11_Traditional Accomodation _Organic Breakfast Thethi Albania

12_Winter on the Trail in Rugova Kosovo

1_Mountain Village Peaks of the Balkans

2_Hiking on the Trail in Albania Peak Arapi

3_Green Border Crossing Montenegro Albania