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Cheli & Peacock, Kenya

Since 1985, Cheli & Peacock Ltd has been developing environmentally-friendly safaris and eco-camps in Kenya, with a focus on lesser-visited areas of significant biodiversity that have faced poaching and lack of resources. With 70% of Kenya’s wildlife roaming outside of protected areas, they work with local communities to support wildlife conservation by providing economic benefits through bed-night levies, leasing agreements, and education initiatives.


Elsa's Kopje - Meru National Park - Rhino Sanctuary

Elsa's Kopje - Ura Gate Primary School Book Project

Joy's Camp - Bush Walk

Joy's Camp - Game Drive

Kitich Camp - Mathew's Mountain Range - Forest Walk

Kitich Camp - Mathews Range - Breakfast on the veranda

Tortilis Camp - Amboseli -Organic Vegetable Garden

Elephant Pepper Camp - Honeymoon Tent