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How Tour Operators Can Take Responsibility


Image Source: TrainingAid

Tour operators and activity providers play a significant role in implementing sustainable practices, since they usually function as a link between tourists and tourism service providers.

Sustainable tourism is looking out for the economic, social and environmental influences – including the visitors, the economic sectors linked to the tourism industry and the host communities.

The question is Whose Responsibility Is It to Educate Travelers?

Tour operators and activity providers can influence their consumers, suppliers and the routes chosen (Tour Operators’ Initiative, 2003)in order to increase the awareness of the responsibilities each party involved should take on to achieve more sustainability in tourism.

When contributing to sustainable tourism, tour operators and activity providers should work to:

  • Make sure that the local community receives full benefits
  • Minimise the negative impacts on the environment
  • Educate tourists about their responsibility

Further dive into how tour operators can help; and for more information on how holidaymakers can play their part you can visit Thomas Cook.



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