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Step up & Switch to Post-Consumer Waste Products


Image Source: MNN

Recycling does not always stand for used products that were actually recycled. With paper, for example, look out for real Post-Consumer Waste paper which indicates that this paper has been used by consumers already and was cleaned up to be reused again.

Sometimes companies claim their products to be recycled, but really they are only made up from left-overs that come from the production process. In the case of paper, the left-overs from the trimming process can be used again to produce more paper to sell to consumers, but it has not yet been used and would therefore fall under “Pre-Consumer Waste”.

Another positive byproduct from making PCW products is the decrease in resources needed for the process. PCW paper production consumes 45% less energy than the production of non-PCW paper, and also it creates about half the amount of waste compared to the traditional process.

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