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Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Image Source: RESET

Most measures to take, in order to reduce your carbon footprint, are commonly known. You should, for example:

  • Use cleaner transport
  • Implement energy-saving features to your office/home
  • Change your energy & water consumption habits
  • Reduce your food & good footprint

For more details on ways to reduce your ecological footprint visit RESET.

But how can you offset the emissions that you can’t reduce?

Carbon offset projects are certified projects that are proven to reduce emissions in a way that would not have been possible without the project. As an individual or a firm you can donate to and support these projects. Carbon offsets can be, for example, tree planting or investing in renewable energy.

There are various projects offered by different organizations, here are just a few to give you a better idea of what offset projects can look like and how offsetting your emissions works:


Here is a working definition of “developing country”: a place where people trust the sushi and distrust the tap water. Wherever you go these days, sushi goes. I’ve spotted it from India to Haiti, Nigeria to Anguilla, Argentina to China, and in this seaside village. A local restaurant here, La Huella, offers beneath its menu this supplement: “Sushi todos los días,” or sushi every day. But they won’t serve you tap water. In recent weeks of roaming through the United Arab Emirates, India, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay, the thought stirred that sushi has become an easy shorthand for globalized refinement. It does today what speaking French once did: conveniently signal a modern sophistication. The tap water is another story. By Anand Giridharadas. Read more.

How Washing Machines Could Use a Lot Less WaterEarlier this year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology hosted the inaugural MIT Water Innovation Prize, inviting attendees from around the world to pitch their water-conservation device or business to a panel of judges for a chance to win grants totaling $30,000. April Wolfe Read more.

Bahias de Huatulco – or Huatulco Bays – is Mexico’s southernmost beachside destination. It is also the first sustainable community in the Americas, and the third worldwide to be recognised by EarthCheck.    This commitment to leadership is clearly articulated in Huatulco’s Sustainability Policy and practically demonstrated by the establishment of their Green Team.

by EarthCheck


America’s First Sustainable Community: Bahias de Huatulco

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