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World Soil Day, celebrated on December 5th, is just around the corner. We invite you to be inspired by this year’s theme, ‘Caring for the planet starts from the ground.’ Let’s celebrate soils!

You may wonder why soil is so important and why it should be celebrated. The UN officially declared December 5, 2014 as the first annual World Soil Day with the aim to raise awareness about the critical importance of soil in our lives.

To secure food for our future, we need to guarantee healthy and productive soils – the healthier the soil, the more nutrients a plant can soak up. Let’s remember that soils are the foundation of vegetation which provides us with healthy food, animal feed, fuel, fibre, household goods and other essentials. To ensure that everyone around the world can have access to these essentials, it is important to be respectful to the environment wherever you travel. Soil, a non-renewable resource, is also important for providing an adequate water supply and maintaining its quality since the water absorption properties of soil play a role in reducing pollution from chemicals in pesticides and other compounds. You can find more reasons why healthy soil is vital to human life on earth here.

Start with educating yourself and others about the need and benefits of protecting and learn about the different types of soil and their nature. Why not spread the word on the importance of maintaining healthy soils using one of FAO’s infographics to support your message.

There are many ways to celebrate soil. FAO shares some ideas that can help you create some buzz around the World Soil Day:

  • Set up a meeting with local farmers in a field for an interesting discussion
  • Get people moving and active by organising a 5k run or (half-) marathon
  • Plan an exhibition or cultural performance that celebrates local agricutlure
  • Launch a poem or song-writing contest
  • Invite a guest-lecturer or speaker (be inspired by PATA’s example of teaching staff how to produce their very own healthy soil through composting)
  • Organise a field trip to plant trees that reduce soil erosion
  • Share a slice of a tasty World Soil Day (mud!) cake with your colleagues
  • Choose from FAO’s video material and display it at your World Soil Day event

You can also check for local events near you, browsing FAO’s worldwide events map.

No matter of the kind of activity you chose in the end, share your views and celebration photos on social media platforms using the hashtag #WorldSoilDay. Let’s care for our planet and celebrate this year’s World Soil Day together!


Earth Day at PATA 2016

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Earth Day began in 1970 and gave voice to an emerging consciousness, channeling human energy towards environmental issues. Forty-six years later, the Earth Day Network continues to lead with groundbreaking ideas and commendable action.

To celebrate Earth Day 2016 the team at PATA contributed donations to Earth Day Network’s ‘Trees for the Earth” campaign, providing them with the means to plant another 50 trees! They are now already 181% over their goal to plant 50,000 trees by April 22!


As part of our Earth Day celebrations at PATA, we also had an “Adopt a Plant” draw where staff could win their very own plants. These plants are great company indoors – especially around the office or at your desk. Just another way to celebrate and show appreciation for nature and our planet!



Engaging Sustainable Action: Greenfleet

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This is a presentation from Greenfleet on how to overcome the challenges of integrating sustainability into corporate culture, engage community stakeholders, and integrate sustainable practices into operations and supply chains.

by Sara Gipton, CEO, Greenfleet