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October 05 2015 – Do you know the difference between ecotourism, sustainable travel, responsible travel and volunteer vacationing? While there is a lot of overlap with each of these terms, they all have one common theme – that is to improve lives through travel and tourism. Sucheta Rawal Read more.

How a Canadian couple quit their jobs to travel the world – permanently

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September 20 2015 – Seven years ago, Nick Wharton and Dariece Swift had full-time jobs, a mortgage, a car and an average twenty-something life firmly routed in their native Canada.

Fast-forward to 2015, and the couple have been swimming with sharks in Mozambique, lived in an Ashram shrine, trekked through the Himalayas and seen five of the Wonders of the World. Lizzie Dearden Read more.



20 April 2015 – When TripAdvisor started rating its hotels for their environmental credentials, it seemed clear the public’s attitude to travelling ‘green’ was shifting. Are we getting to a tipping point where ‘travel’ and ‘sustainable’ are becoming concepts that naturally go hand in hand? Richard Hammond. Read more.


Have the best travel experience with the most positive impact with our tips for sustainable travel

Ecotourism, responsible travel, sustainable tourism, going green – call it what you will, these days we’re all thinking a little more carefully about how and where we travel. The headline news has largely revolved around the environmental impact of flying, but if you’re serious about greening up your travel, you need to look beyond carbon offsetting. Read more.



AS a Peace Corps volunteer in the 1960’s, Lynn Franco, now a 62-year-old psychoanalyst who lives in Berkeley, Calif., had always been interested in the underdeveloped regions she had traveled through. She said that longtime interest was what led her to join a March trip to Borneo with Seacology, a Berkeley-based nonprofit organization that seeks to preserve island environments and cultures by providing services in exchange for local conservation efforts. Bonnie Tsui. Read more.