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The circular economy is about recycling everything that we produce and treating materials like they’re finite. This is something that is achievable for your business. Processing materials requires energy, causing pollution. A zero-waste approach encourages the redesign of resource life cycle so that all products are reused, limiting pollution.

Based on sourcing, manufacturing, distributing and using ‘efficiently’ for reuse, the following tips could help your business close the loop and become more circular:

1. Mix with the right people: Having a designated sustainability team may drive projects, sustainability must be driven from the heart!  

2. Use the right metrics: Consider a value framework to measure performance and returns.

3. Solve customers’ problems: Consider developing a product recycling programme – upcycle unwanted products to fill a need.

4. Product as services: Invest in innovation and think about products you could lease!

5. Be ready for backlash: Not everyone understands that sustainability can be profitable, so be sure to engage your team, and have a clear message for your stakeholders.  

By modifying each stage in the economic cycle (from production to use) and designing goods to be recycled, businesses can regenerate waste much like an ecosystem. Designing goods to be reused and consume less energy is becoming the norm!

To learn more about how to grow economically but not harmfully watch this.


Following that Fresh Furniture Fashion

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fresh furniture fashion

Photo credit: fitrotul

We recently posted a blog article from our partners at ITP and Green Hotelier that discussed sustainable style and design elements that can be implemented in hotels without compromising character or luxury. Up-cycling, one of the topics covered in the article, is a growing trend that re-purposes salvageable materials – turning something old into something new in a cost-effective way! So, the next time you decide to revamp your hotel or even humble abode, you might think about buying or crafting furniture that causes less harm to the environment.

Click here for some tips on green furniture shopping, and for more inspiration!


Whining over wine – let’s get things straight

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There are an infinite varieties of wines out there, and choosing one in general can be difficult. Now there is the added complication of the ‘green’ wine, so to speak. Many of us are of the mind-set that buying ‘organic wine’ is better for the environment. Yet,this is not always the case. On top of it all, we are now provided with the option of buying either organic, sustainable or biodynamic wine. That’s a mouthful. So what are the differences and which is better for the environment, if any? Read on to smooth out the creases in your perceptions of which type of wine-farming is really a more environmentally friendly choice.