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Incentivizing your office to drink responsibly

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Milk. We serve it in our office for coffee, we serve it in our restaurants and use it in many dishes. But have you thought about the environmental impact of this one small, but ubiquitous ingredient?

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As mentioned on other Green Tips, products derived from animals are usually less sustainable than those derived from plants or cereal. Different studies suggest that the production of dairy products results in larger amounts of carbon emissions than any other milk alternatives.

This guide can help you consciously choose a dairy alternative:

An eco-friendly substitute is almond milk. It does not need wide extensions of land in order to be produced and it’s the alternative that releases less carbon emissions into the environment. On a negative note, it will still require more water than the rest.

Although coconut milk is not as nutritious as other alternatives, it is low in calories and in water consumption. Not to forget that coconut trees filter out carbon dioxide, which is great for battling greenhouse emissions.

Another efficient alternate may be oat milk as it doesn’t require big amounts of water usage or land use and it does not cause a problem for air pollution with its carbon emissions.

Hemp milk is considered to be one of the most maintainable derivations. Hemp derived products is a growing trend throughout countries in South East Asia like, for example, in Thailand.

Rice milk is one of the least eco-friendly alternatives, but it still kindles less carbon emissions than diary milk.

And last but not least, soy milk may favor you in your goal of creating a minimal environmental footprint in your office. It barely needs water and land to grow.

 If you are still not ready to go dairy free, goat milk can be your answer. Goats have a lower land usage needs and produce less manure, making them less environmentally harmful.  

To learn more read this BBC news article.