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Documentaries to watch if you want to get serious about sustainability

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Covering everything from the struggles of fast fashion to global warming and the whole issue of bees; these documentaries address the most pressing issues that should be keeping the world’s leaders awake at night. Read the full article here. 

Written by Geraldine Carton


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What does sustainability mean to you personally? How can you engage with issues such as poverty or sustainable consumption that relate to the SDGs?

One approach may be to start by looking at your individual values and establishing a personal sustainability action plan. This should be an achievable, realistic plan to take on a short-term project that you believe in that can lead to a more sustainable lifestyle! Identify changes you would like to make in your daily or weekly activities and start to practice these changes until they become a habit. When establishing your personal sustainability plan, check that it meets the RISE criteria: is it repeatable, inspirational, sustainable, and enjoyable?

There’s no reason to wait till the New Year to make a resolution! Raise awareness now, and take action! Inspire others to join the movement. Remember that challenging yourself or someone else can make a big impact through building strong communities of passionate and like-minded people. Be creative and come up with a plan to make the most of the last month of 2017. For example, how about trying to live a…


…with possible action points such as the following:

  • Try a new approach to your diet: how about a meat-free Monday or milk-/dairy-free week? A dietary shift can help to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately have the positive environmental impact you would like to make.
  • Go plastic-free: shop at a local market to avoid unnecessary packaging, use a reusable water bottle, coffee mug or lunch box and most importantly, say no to using plastic bags! You will help keeping our precious world clean and wildlife safe.
  • Spend a gadget-free Sunday: include some time to unplug and disconnect when planning your weekend or your next getaway.  
  • Enjoy a car-free weekend: if you are relying on your car to commute to work during the week, give your car a rest on the weekend and cut carbon emissions by using public transport or a bicycle to get around. This little change will help to reduce pollution from engines and improve air quality.


If this is something you are already doing, maybe you find some more idea with a


  • Stay healthy: start a fitness– or yoga-challenge, join a gym class or simply take the stairs instead of an elevator whenever possible.
  • Start a 5-minute journal to become more mindful and live with intention.
  • Recycle and upcycle with do-it-yourself projects to reduce waste to landfill and to reduce waste generated in manufacturing processes! You can also donate unwanted clothes or other household items to a charity to help people in need.
  • Carry a reusable shopping bag with you every day, and keep a reusable drinking cup at your office to purchase your after-lunch refreshment in a eco-friendly way.


Your passion is the fire that fuels your action, so keep helpful reminders about why you want to live more sustainably. We dare you to establish a sustainability plan that can help guide your way to a more eco-conscious lifestyle.


India’s Edible Cutlery

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It is this unending greed that is causing grief to all…. The groundwater levels are falling very rapidly Very soon, it will become unviable to lift any more of it. Its quality also has deteriorated and in several regions, it is no longer fit for drinking. The plastic invasion is continuing to bother us. The global warming is heating up the earth. Income from rural livelihood is diminishing, causing exodus of rural population to urban areas. This is causing pressures on urban resources. There are no places to live, no roads to drive safely and not too many jobs.

You can add to the list and it can go on and on…

But what is the point? Is it not time for us to start resolving the problems rather than ruing the problems? This is precisely why we invented the Edible Cutlery. By Mera Bharat Mahan. Read more.


Know Your Nuts

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Photo credit: Mariya Chorna

A recent fad of the past 5 years or so has been the switch of health-minded people from drinking dairy milk, to alternatives such as soy milk, coconut milk, and almond milk. Despite its health benefits, mass production of a nut such as the almond has been highly criticised due to its enormous need for water (about one gallon of water per almond!); it may be time to reconsider whether drinking almond milk is more sustainable for the planet! On the other hand, over production of dairy milk can be equally harmful.

We know that the sustainable choice can be a difficult one to make given all the various perspectives, but perhaps what is most important is to always be mindful of the challenges faced behind your eating habits, and how daily choices and travelling decisions can help alleviate some of the world’s biggest challenges. Who is behind this production? What costs and pressures is the planet sustaining to continue this production?

Agricultural production, including nut production sustains the livelihood of communities around the world. When we tour and travel, it can very beneficial and sustainable to participate in and learn about projects involving the nut production, to help raise awareness of the importance of these producers. Here is a recent article we posted on other types of agricultural tourism. We must work together to find a balance between our consumption and their production, while giving recognition and appreciation to the farmers that provide us with such delicious nibbles!