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Choosing conscious clothing

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Image source: Stepping out of the Crowd

“The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world … second only to oil,” said Eileen Fisher.

With shopping often cited as a primary reason for travel – indeed, amongst young Asian travelers, shopping is high on the itinerary in both Asian destinations and abroad (Stepping out of the Crowd, PATA) – how can we in the tourism industry make an impact when thinking about shopping as an activity for tourists, and clothing as a necessity for ourselves?

Clothing is something we need and use every day. The first thing is to educate ourselves, create awareness, and “Make Climate Change Fashionable.” Books and movies like Overdressed and True Cost tell the story of fast fashion and its relationship to our planet and people.

Alternatives to traditional fashion are plentiful and growing as more light is shed on the topic:

Even big name retailers such as H&M (Conscious Collection), Patagonia, Stella McCartney, ASOS, and Levi’s have all made tangible commitments to weave the wellbeing of our planet and people into their business. Let’s do the same and make a (fashion) statement by consciously choosing what we wear!




Buying Bulk

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bulk buy

You may have shopped at a ‘bulk buy’ store before and not even realized the benefits of doing so. Let’s be frank, life is a little easier when we don’t need to run to the grocery store every other day. Not only that, buying in bulk saves you money and reduces a significant amount of packaging and waste. Here’s how you can do it! Take a look at some of the reasons why buying in bulk is so environmentally friendly, and so much more than just a time saver in our busy lives.


Secondhand doesn’t mean second best…

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… it means previously loved! Consider buying items from a secondhand store for a fun and thrifty way to refresh your wardrobe or decorate your home. Items such as electronics, clothing, furniture, can be resold or upcycled, keeping perfectly useful items in good condition out of our landfills. Secondhand stores often sell items in excellent condition, and will generally buy or take them back when you no longer need them.

Organisations such as Goodwill, which helps people with barriers to employment learn kills and find competitive jobs, or the Salvation Army, which raises money for its social and humanitarian programs through its thrift stores, are truly economical places to shop! As they say, one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure. Here are some tips to help you start shopping.

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Accommodation, transport and recreation facilities are key components of a major tourism destination, the Gold Coast. Plans for improving the overall attraction of a destination need to be based on detailed information highlighting the current state of such infrastructure. PLEASE NOTE: Graphics within are not of a high quality.


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