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We often fin right over them on our way to the next coral head, but we can’t ignore the importance of seagrass meadows when it comes to ocean health.

seagrass meadows

If you dive in the tropics, you’re probably quite familiar with coral reefs. You know your hard corals from your soft corals and your parrotfish from your wrasse. Some of you may even know your pleurobranchs from your nudibranchs. But you may not know much about the beautiful stretches of seagrass that you sail over to reach those reefs. In reality, we can’t ignore the importance of seagrass meadows when it comes to ocean health, and we shouldn’t ignore these environments as divers. By Charlie Wiseman. Read more.


Marine Protected Areas

Image Source: Reef-World Foundation

If your next vacation involves the ocean, consider how supporting marine protected areas will help safeguard the environment for years to come. Marine protected areas are known by many different names., from marine sanctuaries to marine reserves, no-take zones, or locally managed marine areas. These areas strive to create a more natural balance and minimize direct human impacts through regulations. Protected areas refer to the area of seabed and water column directly beneath physical points on the ocean’s surface.

How do Marine Protected Areas work?

By Alan Kavanagh, Project Coordinator, The Reef-World Foundation. Continue reading on Scuba Diver Life!