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According to the Family Travel Association, family travel represents 30 percent of the entire leisure travel market and is the fastest-growing segment in the travel industry.

Within families, that means it is up to the adults to foster a sense of responsibility in a new generation of global citizens and environmental stewards. Traveling with kids in a sustainable way not only teaches them to respect and appreciate the world around them, it encourages them to perpetuate those practices.

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By Gina Decaprio Vercesi for Greenmatters.


Top Tips for Environmentally Conscious Divers

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Environmentally Conscious Divers

Anemone,or Actinia home or clownfish, urticante marine animal

Signs of environmental damage are everywhere underwater: scars from dynamite fishing, ghost nets, and anchor damage are common in some areas, not to mention the distinct lack of sharks or the broader effects of a warming planet. Becoming environmentally conscious divers is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about these issues, not only among divers, but also among your non-diving friends. By Samantha Craven, Scuba Diver Life. Read more.


Travelers can do simple things to help make tourism more sustainable and less destructive – like planning ahead and learning about the place they’re going to.

Visit popular sites like Machu Pichu in the shoulder season or off season. Let places have time to breathe. Better yet, dump the bucket-list of “must-do” world attractions and find different locations altogether. Pegi Vail. Read more.