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Support Refugees

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Image Source: Travindy

Refugees have always been an emotional topic around the world and especially today as Europe is experiencing large movements of refugees throughout the continent. The issue, usually, is that the governments are overwhelmed with attempts to integrate those refugees properly, and sadly, many of them do not receive a warm welcome upon arrival.

Since the travel and tourism industry deals with both hospitality and the movement of people, our industry is very well suited to support refugees.

Travindy has collected “15 Ways Tourism Can Help Refugees,” which was developed by looking at good practices done by tourism enterprises, and which can be continuously developed.

View the downloadable PDF from Travindy.


German tourism firms support refugees

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german tourism support refugees

Image source: travindy

Nearly 40 companies, including several travel and tourism firms, have launched a joint initiative to offer jobs, training.

The firms are offering diverse projects to support the integration of refugees from countries such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan into the German economy. TUI, for example, is backing a nationwide initiative to provide German language courses while Lufthansa is supporting a project enabling young migrants to enter the world of employment courses and support for refugees in Germany.

Article by FVW.  Read more here.


October 30 2015 – STA Travel Australia is working with charitable organisation, Soles4Souls Australia to raise awareness of the struggles facing disadvantaged men, women and children both locally and abroad, and encourage people to donate their kicks for a cause. Tara Sena-Becker Read more.

November 01 2015 – A group of refugees in Berlin have banded together to map key resources across the city, including counseling, healthcare, German language lessons, accommodation, legal assistance, police and public transport facilities. Jeremy Smith Read more.


October 13 2015 – The film ‘Giving Hope to Survivors of Human Trafficking – a short film by YCI’ tells the stories of survivors who are graduating from a six month training programme in hotels around the world, and are embarking on new careers and more promising futures. Siobhan O’Neill Read more.

Volunteers seek airline sponsor to help bring music to refugees on Lesvos

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October 07 2015 – A group of musicians from Galway, Ireland is seeking travel industry support for a planned trip to help refugees on the Island of Lesvos. They are currently trying to find an airline/travel company to sponsor them by way of providing flights to Athens, from where they will take a connecting ferry. Jeremy Smith Read more.

From the outside, the temporary shelter for Syrian civilians in Kilis, Turkey, doesn’t look like an inviting place to live. It looks like a prison. All around are olive groves, but here, Turkey suddenly runs out. A metal archway announces the customs gate to Syria. To its right stands what is more formally known as the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency’s Kilis Oncupinar Accommodation Facility. High gates bar entry, and barbed wire tops the walls. Police officers and private security mill about. By Mac McClelland. Read more.

Photo: Tobias Hutzler