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A touch of green: Benefits of plants at your workspace

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Work overload, stress, low level of productivity, and illness – these are workplace characteristics many of us have experienced or witnessed at some point in our life. Perhaps you and your colleagues currently are facing a challenging time. Have you considered brightening up your workspace with plants to boost productivity?

The beneficial effects of greenery at the workplace have been researched numerous times in the past. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that the number of indoor plants proximal to a worker’s desk had small but statistically reliable associations with a decrease in sick leave and an increase in productivity. Plants in closed environments not only provide you with cleaner air by removing chemicals emitted from computers and furniture and adding humidity to the atmosphere, they also release phytochemicals that suppress mould spores and bacteria. Nature has a great impact on your mood – looking at it can help your brain shift into a more relaxed mode and ultimately reduce stress. Study results from Australia have outlined significant drops in reported depression, anger and hostility as well as tension and anxiety after introducing office plants.

Did you know that Aloe Vera and Bamboo Palm are among the recommended air improving indoor plants? Learn more about which indoor plants keep your environment alive here. Looking specifically for low-light plants, desk plants or low maintenance options? Check out these recommendations.

Ready to take your productivity to the next level? Make use of the benefits of mother nature, get a plant and bring a touch of green to your desk and workspace.

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The business case for sustainability and social responsibility: employees in the spotlight

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Today there is an undoubtedly a strong business case for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This social responsibility includes the management of the relationship between social responsibility programmes and employees.

Companies whose employees are fully invested in and engaged with their programme are witnessing increases in employee productivity traceable to deeper kinship with customers and strengthened loyalty. Along with increased satisfaction, this relationship can decrease turnover, attract best talent, and subsequently have a positive impact on earnings and overall business success in the long term.

Companies that have corporate social responsibility programmes are also very attractive to younger generations. For example, in research conducted by Salt, Generation Z actually “expects their employers to make money by including social and environmental factors in their business decisions.”

Remember that employees are an important stakeholder and should also benefit from your sustainability programme. If they are benefiting, then you will certainly have a very strong business case for sustainability.