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Wrap it, zip it, collapse it – eco-friendly food storage on the go and at home

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Do you love snacking or preparing your own food yet are lacking environmentally-friendly packaging? Grabbing snacks on the go often comes with a lot of single-use, unnecessary plastic wrapping and packaging that we dispose after only minutes of use. We often tend to use disposable wrapping in our kitchen as it seems convenient for storing and keeping food fresh. However the environment takes a hit at the same time. 

Make your next take-away sustainable and green up your food storage solutions. Here are three products that allow you to prepare for your cravings in an eco-friendly way,

 1. Bee’s wraps: These amazing food wraps are made of cloth, beeswax and tree resin. They are washable in soap and cold water, reusable and sealed by the warmth of your hands. You no longer need to wrap food in plastic! Learn of its benefits through this short video clip. 

2. Reusable ziplock and sandwich bags: There are many different convenient and most importantly reusable options that fit your needs and help you ditch disposable plastic wrappings – from a durable, water- and air-tight seal, to dishwasher-safe designs, to cases that unfold into a placemat and more. Compare different options available here and pick the ones you need. 

3. Collapsible food containers: This lightweight and airtight silicone option is perfect for on the go. They are true space savers and come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some examples by collapse-it and Thin Bins. 

Remember that there is always an alternative to single-use plastics. A quick search online will provide you with a variety of options that will help you along your plastic detox journey. Start with replacing one item at a time and encourage others to do the same.


Waste plastic bottles and other types of plastic waste at the waste disposal site in Thilafushi, part of the Maldives. Credit: Shutterstock/ Mohamed Abdulraheem


There’s no love lost for plastic packaging. Whether it’s complicated recycling instructions on the products we buy, startling images of the impacts on wildlife or simply the economic value lost through waste, plastics have been climbing the international agenda for years. So how do 8 million tonnes of plastic still end up in the ocean each year?

Searching for the right solutions

The urgency of the issue has led to brands, governments, NGOs and celebrities promoting a host of solutions. Reusable packaging is part of the answer, and shopping bags, water bottles and coffee cups have become popular purchases for those trying to do their bit. This works to replace certain types of packaging, but think about all the other pieces of plastic we come into contact with every single day. Plastic film can keep food fresher for longer, and wrappers ensure medical equipment is safe for patients. In many cases, it wouldn’t be hygienic, convenient or feasible to go fully reusable.

Read the full article on innovations such as packaging inspired by nature, made from food waste and more here.

By Joe Iles for GreenBiz.