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Although Macao is often referred to as the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’ it has much more to offer than casinos. Macao retains its Portuguese colonial legacy with European architecture and cuisine still evident throughout the city.


With the annual PATA Travel Mart taking place in Macao next week we share with you some tips to ensure a responsible and enjoyable visit to this fascinating part of north east Asia.


Enjoy local foods


Enjoying authentic fare will be easy in Macao as there are some amazing street food markets that offer local food. Explore the Red Market, where you can try many local snacks and Macanese specialties. Visit Coloane Market which offers all kinds of healthy and organic options. Check out the Food Street at Broadway Macao, located on a traditional Macanese hawker-style street market that offers many Asian and local specialties. Make sure you try the famous Portuguese egg tarts and other signature dishes.


Buy local souvenirs


Get your souvenirs at local shops, and try to ‘spread the wealth’ by shopping in different places. Remember, do not buy any souvenirs made from endangered species, which can be illegal to export. Download the Wild Witness app that enables tourists to report illegal wildlife trade by taking a picture of a product and sharing its location. Common products from endangered species include ivory, tortoiseshell, reptile skins, furs, corals and seashells.


Sleep green


More ‘green’ hotels are popping up in Macao. Make sure that you book a hotel that meets the appropriate sustainability standards by looking for the Macao Green Hotel Award label. You could choose one of these five Sands hotels that are Gold category winners: Sands Macao, The Venetian Macao, Conrad, Sheraton Grand and Holiday Inn Macao.


Use public transport or walk


Try to avoid taking taxis and use public transport or walk. The Macao peninsula and the islands are easy to explore on foot. The bus system might be difficult for foreigners that do not speak the local dialects but most hotels offer free shuttle-bus services to take you to tourist attractions and casinos.


Enjoy nature


Macao has an impressive nature scene. Go cycling on Taipa Island and be rewarded with some amazing views. The larger island of Coloane, formerly a haven for pirates, is popular for hiking and cycling. Macao is also known for its gardens including the Lou Lim Loc Garden on the peninsula. Camoes Garden is also popular with locals and tourists.



5 Tips to be a responsible green delegate

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5 Tips to be a responsible green delegate

Just in time for PATA Travel Mart 2016 in Jakarta, here are 5 Tips that you should consider to be a more responsible green delegate.

1. Reduce your carbon footprint that would arise due to your attendance at an event. To keep your impact as small as possible use provided shuttle services, carpooling or public transportation to go to the venue of the event and to move around the destination it is held at.

Have a look at these to green tips to get a better idea on how to reduce your footprint:

Green your ways to go to work!

Offset What You Can’t Reduce!

2. Refuse superfluous paper usage. Don’t accept any paper materials, such as brochures or other informational material that you don’t necessarily need or/and that you could actually get in a digital version or look up online.

3. Refillable water bottles should be your travel companions and you should bring one along when you visit an event. Watch out to rather get water from water stations than accepting being handed numerous plastic bottles over the period of your stay.

4. Recycle your badges and any handouts or brochures that you might receive during the event but have no use for once it’s over. You can speak to the organisers and ask where you can hand in these materials so they are gathered in one place and can be handed to recycling all together at the end of the event.

For the three points above you can get a general overview of green and sustainable events here:

Having Your Event be Green and Sustainable

5. Remember to buy local during your stay at the destination the event you’re attending is held at. This benefits the local economy and community, and supplies that can be bought locally can include, for example, souvenirs, food and beverages.

These two posts give you a better understanding of purchasing locally and its importance:

Here is why you should source food locally!

The Importance of Being a Responsible Traveller



September 08 2015 – The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards are an opportunity for shining stars in sustainability to gain international recognition for their efforts to create better places to live and better places to visit. The Winners represent leadership in commitment to benefiting their local communities and natural environment, whilst providing authentic and meaningful travel experiences for visitors from around the world. Wild Asia Read more.