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Tips on Packing Light for Your Next Business Trip

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A simple equation: The more the luggage weighs, the heavier the plane. The more a plane weights, the more fuel it uses, the more carbon emissions your trip produces. Here are some ways to pack less, save the environment, while saving your back!

1. Skip the hazzle- dazzle: Ditch the colors

Neutral colors are compatible with almost anything and doesn’t make it seem like you’re repeating clothing. For women, black pants can be versatile for day and night, with just a change of accessories! For men, a neutral colored suit and a change of tie and shirt should be enough for up to five meeting days. Don’t underestimate mix and matching!

2. Lose weight on electronics

Tablets are always a good alternative to laptops, if you need to use a laptop during your trip, you could also check for a business center in your accommodation. Another way to bring fewer electronic items is to audit your battery lifespan and understand whether you will need your charger for your trip (don’t forget to fully charge it before leaving).

3. Don’t let your bag bug you

Purchasing the right bag is more important than you think. Regular suitcases tend to weight more than 25% of the airline weight limit. By investing in a light weight bag, you will have more space and produce fewer carbon emissions.

4. Get rid of printed items and bulky folders

Pen drives and email attachments should be sufficiently effective nowadays, printed items and bulky folders are a thing of the past.

5. Optimize your cosmetics

Toiletries are low hanging fruit here- utilize what the hotel gives you, or consider using bar soaps. Check out this complete guide to sustainable hair and skincare when traveling. Remember to keep it light and sustainable!


Reduce your holiday carbon emissions


Did you know that one long haul return flight can produce more carbon dioxide per passenger than the average UK motorist in one year?

You can follow these easy steps to lower your carbon footprint during the holidays. Make the best of your experience and help to save our planet:


  1. Before you leave:

Pack light. The more weight that trains, planes and automobiles have to carry, the more fuel they use – and this means that the volume of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere also increases. Before you leave home, remember to unplug all your electronic devices and avoid wasting energy. Unplug your TV sets and turn down the temperature setting in your refrigerator. Check out the PATA Responsible Business Travel Guidelines for more tips.


  1. Watch what you eat:

Food transported from somewhere else increases your carbon footprint drastically. Dine at local restaurants or buy locally produced food in supermarkets. There is no need, for example, to consume foodstuffs imported from Europe when you are visiting Japan.


  1. Choose a sensible, energy friendly location:

A central location usually means more convenient access to public transport. Using public transport not only saves you time and money but it adds to the authenticity of your experience and allows for spontaneity.


  1. Offset your footprint:

Contribute to carbon-offsetting programmes and other energy saving initiatives. A carbon offset is a credit for greenhouse gas. More information about carbon offsets may be found here.


  1. Stay at home

The stay-at-home vacation! Explore your own city by visiting museums and other attractions that appeal to out-of-town visitors. Perhaps it’s time to hone your sporting skills or simply spending time with your friends and family in your own environment. Use your holiday budget to reinvest into your local community. Keep your carbon footprint to a minimum – and have lots of fun at home!


By: Christoph Wegener / PATA Sustainability & Social Responsibility