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Photograph: AAP

Children at an orphanage outside the capital, Phnom Penh. Photograph: AAP

Volunteers and visitors urged to stay away, saying their growing presence damages children and allows exploitation.

Child protection and NGO workers are pleading with tourists and volunteers to stay away from orphanages in Cambodia, claiming so-called “orphanage tourism” damages the children and enables exploitation. Read more.


Every year thousands of volunteers and tourists are lured to giving love to children in need around the developing word. In the past decade the number of orphan children has declined worldwide, however the increasing number of orphanages in many developing countries matches the rising numbers of tourists. In many parts of the world orphanages have become a tourist attraction and a ‘bucket list’ volunteering opportunity. The orphan child has become a pseudo commodity for volunteers who are lured into giving love to children in need. The orphanage business has seen a “gap” in the market and is objectifying children all around the developing world as a product and principal element of a packaged holiday “orphanage voluntourism” and this needs to stop. By ‘Tourism Concern’. Read more.