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The unpredictable south west monsoon has arrived in destinations across south east Asia. These heavy rains, essential for agriculture, may nevertheless dampen the spirits of international visitors. The rains may also, with planning and aforethought, dent the bottom line forecasts of even the most experience travel industry operators.


To manage issues arising during the monsoon season it may prove beneficial for industry players to place more emphasis on the needs of eco-friendly travellers.


Read on for some basic tips on how to create an eco-friendly package during the monsoon season:


  1. Say ‘no’ to plastic coats

Instead of handing out disposable plastic ponchos to your guests, rent out umbrellas, offer high quality rain jackets or hand out eco-friendly (biodegradable) ponchos. Some companies allow you to print your company’s logo on the products as a way of raising your brand’s profile and making a clear statement about what your business stands for. Be careful to choose PFC-free products. Yes, being sustainable can help grow your business.


  1. Provide an eco-friendly insect repellent

Mosquitoes love the monsoon rains. Be sure to protect your guests from irritating mosquito bites while still being conscious of their health and the environment. Brands such as Cutter or Repel carry eco-friendly repellent. Handing out a portable mosquito net can work as well. Here are some other natural and easy ways to repel mosquitos.


  1. Choose the right activity

Offering the right activity can be challenging during the rainy season. Consider offering sustainable outdoor activities in your package that take advantage (safely) of the heavy rains, such as river rafting or visiting a rice farm. Even indoor activities such as cooking or crafting classes can be enjoyable ways in which to experience local culture.


  1. Encourage travelling

Before the guests arrive, send them a reminder about what clothes to pack for the rainy season. Light, eco-friendly attire dries quickly after a heavy rainfall and it is also lighter to carry, thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions.


Make the most of this season as travellers are now looking for good deals, fewer crowds, and eco-friendly operators. The monsoon seasons of south east Asia have it all.