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Best Marine and Wildlife Tourism Provider – 2015 InSPIRE Awards

Cinnamon_Wild_Yala201Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts is a motivated and progressive chain of hotels, creating inspired experiences for each and every stakeholder, using a responsible and awakened approach. As a collective of 14 diversified properties across Sri Lanka and the Maldives, the unique community and environmental needs of each destination have been a priority factor. For instance, while wildlife and marine tourism play a key role in our offering, it also becomes a key component of our long-term sustainability and responsibility objectives.

Nature Trails, the Nature and adventure tourism arm of Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts is honoured to showcase Sri Lanka’s natural world as a sustainable tourism product. Nature Trails have a two-pronged approach; on one hand, it is an experience provider, highlighting iconic species such as Leopard, Elephant, Whale, Primates, Birding and dedicated photography tours to collectively promote the islands natural diversity. As its other core purpose, Nature Trails engage in conservation and awareness initiatives that help protect and sustain natural environments.

This sense of responsible integration is present in other initiatives too; engaging with local communities and making them an essential part of the cycle is very much a part of how we do business. For example, we don’t own a single jeep or boat used for our tour work, instead we sub-contract this to adjacent communities. By engaging with them we also inspire entrepreneurship and inculcate sustainable practices in a way that it is mutually beneficial to everyone.

At Cinnamon, Inspired Living means that everyone from our guests to our neighbours and every stakeholder of the Cinnamon offering is encouraged to live life to the fullest, be inspired by vibrant experiences and awakened to the potential of sustainable living.


For more information: Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts website

The biggest problem with ecotaxes is… they are called taxes

The Maldives began charging a so called ‘Green Tax’ at US$6 per tourist bed from the November 1. This followed on the heels of an announcement in September that the Balearic Islands will apply an ‘eco-tax’ next year . Cruise ship passengers will be charged €2 per day in high season, along with those staying in hotels rated above four-star. Jeremy Smith Read more.