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Test your sustainability knowledge

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Do you consider yourself a sustainability guru? Put your green knowledge to test with these fun quizzes.

1. This BBC Earth quiz will evaluate your day-to-day sustainability practices to see how you measure up. Not up to par? Check out our tips on how to make easy, every day, sustainable choices. 

2. The Sustainable Development Goals are crucial to fortifying joint efforts, mobilising the global community in sharing effective methods to combat poverty, hunger, health, education, gender equality, water, sanitation, environment, and social justice- amongst others. Click here to test your knowledge about the SDGs. Don’t get left behind- learn more about the SDGs!

3. National Geographic has developed various quizzes that aim to help you reduce your environmental impact; from going green, to being a better foodie

Be sure to browse and check back regularly for more sustainability knowledge!


The purpose of this book is to bring together a range of research cases focusing on regional tourism destinations in Australia and New Zealand. The key objective is to explore the structures and processes used by regional destinations to foster innovation. The eleven case studies represent many different types of destinations and many different forms of tourism.

by Dean Carson and Jim Macbeth


Regional Tourism Cases: innovation in regional tourism

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