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by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, Sri Lanka

At Cinnamon, Inspired Living means that everyone starting from our guests to our neighbours and every stakeholder of the Cinnamon offering is encouraged to live life to the fullest, be inspired by vibrant experiences and awakened to the potential of sustainable living.

While Sri Lanka gets worldwide attention drawn to its natural world, responsible tourists flock to experience Sri Lanka’s jewels in the wild thus, it is imperative to develop a sustainable model to showcase our stewardship towards environment and conservation for which we bagged the title ‘Best Wildlife and Marine Tourism Service Provider’ at the PATA InSPIRE Awards 2015. As one of the leading hospitality chains in Sri Lanka, Cinnamon is honoured to showcase Sri Lanka’s natural world as a sustainable tourism product.

ghOn the other hand, we are strongly committed to the seamless integration of sustainability throughout our value chain. Our approach is based on the triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social performance, and we conduct our operations in a manner that intersects advantageously with people and environments.

In the given context, we have taken a two-pronged approach in promoting sustainable tourism; on one hand, as an experience provider, highlighting iconic species such as Leopard, Elephant, Whale, Primates, Birding and dedicated photography tours to collectively promote the island’s natural diversity. As the other core purpose, we engage in conservation and awareness initiatives that help protect and sustain natural environments and uplift livelihoods in geographical areas we operate in.

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