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Greener Hotel Guest

Here are 3 easy tips for you on how you can be a more responsible greener hotel guest, not only when you’re on holiday but also if you are on a business trip or visiting a trade show or event.

1.How to keep your hotel room a “green zone”?

Make sure to only get your towels and beddings changed when it is really necessary instead of every day. By doing so you can help to save water and reduce the consumption of detergent which reduces the hotel’s grey water. You can also save your water consumption when taking a shower and close the tap when you’re not directly using at the moment.

Reduce energy consumption by turning off lights in your room when they are not needed, as well don’t forget to turn off the A/C when you’re leaving the room and you might put it on an energy saving mode so it doesn’t blast out cold air the whole day.

2.How to better manage your own consumption habits?

You can make more sustainable food choices by only ordering as much as you can eat. In terms of buffets, be sure to only take smaller portions and not everything that looks good to you, to avoid not being able to finish your food and contributing to the hotel’s food wastes.

Also, instead of getting a new plastic bottle of water every time, consider bringing your own refillable bottle with you and getting it filled at water dispensers.

3.How about your reading matters?

The first thing that comes to mind when thing about checking into a hotel is the booking confirmation. Don’t print it but rather download it onto your smartphone and present this version at the reception. In general, try to go as paperless as possible!

You can further reduce your paper usage and waste by catching up on the news online. Find yourself the digital versions of your favourite newspapers and magazines instead of requesting or buying the hardcopy versions.