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Upcycling furniture when its lifetime seems to be over

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Have you ever thought about what you can do with that chair, desk or drawer in your office once its lifetime seems to be over?

Surely you have heard, seen or even done some DIY at home, which might have included making something new out of something already existing. So you already know what upcycling is all about, basically!

Upcycling furniture

Image Source: Tweak Your Biz

But why only DIY at home? Why not bring it to your business too?! 

You don’t have to simply throw old furniture away and let it end up in landfill. You should rather upcycle it! There are various ways in which your old furniture can be upcycled and re-used.

One option could be to have an upcycling day on which you engage your employees in reassembling, repainting, and rebuilding of the furniture in your office that you would have other ways thrown out or that might need a new touch. This initiative can also have a great side effect on team building and team work. It also saves you the cost of buying new furniture!

Another option would be to give your old furniture to secondhand establishments instead of sending it to landfill. There are secondhand establishments specifically focusing on upcycling old furniture and reselling it.

Also, you can donate your furniture to church groups, youth centres, temples, and other societal establishments!

Upcycling furniture not only reduces the waste send to landfill, but it also reduces the waste generated in manufacturing processes and the used resources for producing new pieces.

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Following that Fresh Furniture Fashion

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fresh furniture fashion

Photo credit: fitrotul

We recently posted a blog article from our partners at ITP and Green Hotelier that discussed sustainable style and design elements that can be implemented in hotels without compromising character or luxury. Up-cycling, one of the topics covered in the article, is a growing trend that re-purposes salvageable materials – turning something old into something new in a cost-effective way! So, the next time you decide to revamp your hotel or even humble abode, you might think about buying or crafting furniture that causes less harm to the environment.

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