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Credit: Susan Wright

The southern region of Basilicata, its people poor and its food and history rich, has been named Europe’s Capital of Culture for 2019.

A mayor really isn’t supposed to say something like this.

“We don’t want tourists.”

I waited for the punch line. None came.

“We don’t want to be occupied by tourists,” he continued.

Tourism, he explained, will deplete a city of its soul — and this city has a prehistoric soul.


Read the full article here to find out why the Lucani may not want to be connected with the world.

By Danielle Pergament for New York Times.


First Venice and Barcelona: now anti-tourism marches spread across Europe

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Cruise ship visitors on the streets of Dubrovnik, where cameras now monitor the numbers of people in the old town. Photograph: muckylucky/Guardian Witness


Demos in San Sebastián and crackdowns in Rome and Dubrovnik as locals vent frustration at city-breakers and cruise ships

With the continent sweltering under a heatwave nicknamed Lucifer, tempers have been boiling over, too, as a wave of anti-tourism protests take place in some of Europe’s most popular destinations. Yet, as “tourism-phobia” becomes a feature of the summer, the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has defended the sector, calling on local authorities to do more to manage growth in a sustainable manner.

Read here about what caused the anti-tourism marches in Europe.






European tourism professionals, accessibility experts and policymakers talk about the business case for accessible tourism and how destinations and enterprises can win more business by responding to market changes. The interviews were recorded at the European Conference, “Mind the Accessibility Gap. Re-Thinking Accessible Tourism in Europe” on 6th June 2014. Read more.


This Nielsen report examines how global unease over the use of pesticides, packaging waste and water shortages have overtaken global warming as a top concern among consumers.    The report is based on findings from the Nielsen’s quarterly Global Online Consumer Confidence Survey, conducted between February and April 2011 and polling nearly 6,500 women in 21 developed and emerging countries throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Africa and North America.

by Nielsen



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