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Credits: Joule/Lit et al.

Scientists at Stanford University have designed an electrocatalytic mechanism that works like a mammalian lung to convert water into fuel.

Their research on fuel efficiency could help existing clean energy technologies run more efficiently.

To read more on how this innovative system can alter the clean energy sector press here.

By Jun Li, Yangying Zhu, Wei Chen, Zhiyi Lu, Jinwei Xu, Allen Pei, Yucan Peng, Xueli Zheng, Zewen Zhang, Steven Chu and Yi Cui for Joule Journal

Credits to Science Daily News.


Credit: Shutterstock

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH will enter into a partnership to collaborate on strengthening tourism in the Pacific region.

The long-term objective is to advise the tourism industry, in particular the hotel sector, on renewable energy and energy efficiency options.

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Suva today, GIZ Programme Director, Dr. Wulf Killmann and SPTO Board Chair, Papalii Matatamalii Sonja Hunter expressed their excitement about this new collaboration.

“Through this partnership, SPTO will seek out opportunities to organise workshops and seminars in collaboration with GIZ so we can provide our tourism industry stakeholders with an understanding of best practices for renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency,” Ms. Hunter said.

Read the full article here.


By South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) 


Video Source: neZEH Highlights

Launched by the UNWTO, the neZEH e-toolkit evaluates the energy performance of hotels through a questionnaire and identifies options for energy efficiency, including efficient use of non-renewable sources, while raising awareness on the topic through inspiring examples. By Travindy. Read more.


Light up your life with energy and cost efficient lighting!

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Utilising cost efficient lighting is especially easy to do in the summer months when the sun is shining bright. You can begin by removing light bulbs in areas that are over lit, or simply turn off the light when you leave the room. Why? It not only saves the use of electricity, it also saves you money – did you know that electric lighting burns up to 25% of the average home energy budget? One way to decrease electricity usage is by switching to LED lighting. Not only does this save you money, it also benefits the environment. Try implementing these ideas in your home, office, and while on vacation.

Here are some more tips for efficient lighting!


Keep cool in summer without blasting the air conditioning!

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With summer just around the corner, here are some ways to help you keep cool without blasting the air conditioning (which, by the way emits millions of tonnes of CO2 annually). Read about how you can keep yourself cooler at home and in general.
Learn more about the impact of air conditioning on your business and how you can optimise efficiency.
Solar Heaters

Thermal Solar water heating systems (MonoSun Technology Co.,Ltd. Advanced Solar Power,Phuket)

“The numbers of guests have doubled because thanks to the solar panels, the guest houses have functioning showers and warm water is made available for kitchen use,”says Marie Marku from Theth National Park in Albania.

Solar thermal systems use the sun’s light energy to heat water and can be especially efficient in heating water in areas where sunlight is abundant.  The technologies on the market are efficient and highly reliable, making solar power a simple, cost-effective, and sustainable means of heating water. Not only do solar heaters work well in areas where no other water heating options are available, it can also help to reduce operating costs and increase competitiveness. Many hotels in USA and the UK are using different forms of solar energy, with solar heaters as the most common form.

Using solar heaters can be particularly effective in Small Island States as most islands rely almost entirely on imported liquid fossil fuels for energy generation, with high costs of electricity. UNEP recently published a paper, “Solar Water Heating in the Tourism Industry with a Focus on the Caribbean Region,” highlighting the potential contribution of solar heating to reduce carbon emissions.

Facing increasing pressure to improve environmental performance and sustainability, using solar heating can be an efficient solution. Are you one of the businesses to use solar heaters for sustainability and efficiency purposes? If not, what are you waiting for?


Portland, Oregon Uses Toilet Turbines to Power City – Genius!

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February 24 2015 – Portland, Oregon has started using something called toilet turbines as a source of renewable energy, and it’s one of those ideas that makes everyone slap their forehead and say, “of course!”

The idea behind the concept of a toilet turbine is remarkably simple. Scott Falkner Read more.

by Jude Kasturi Arachchi, Director, Jetwing Hotels

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and positions expressed by the author(s) and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) or any employee thereof. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

Jude Kasturi Arachchi, Director, Jetwing Hotels

Known as Sri Lanka’s premier hospitality brand, the Jetwing story spans over four decades. A family owned company from inception, the brand currently owns and operates 21 properties (hotels and villas) within the country, with plans for five more in the next two to three years. Focusing on creating spaces for guests to live, relax and enjoy the best Sri Lanka has to offer, Jetwing has placed a great deal of prominence on sustainable practice and community development through the Jetwing Eternal Earth Programme (JEEP).

JEEP is a result of genuine caring, and ensuring that tourism existing not in isolation but beneficial to all stakeholders involved – especially communities, and the reduction in usage of natural resources. With the latest in sustainable technology implemented at Jetwing properties, the company seeks to reduce burdens on operating environments, as the island of Sri Lanka is a gift that is meant to be treasured.

Read more



20 April 2015 – Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. recently announced its partnership with NRG Energy, Inc. to make its properties run on green energy.
The Phoenician is just one example of the difference energy efficiency can make… Ainsley Despain. Read more.



Improving the efficiency of lighting can be one of the most simple and cost effective strategies for tourism operations seeking to reduce energy consumption. This fact sheet will help to provide useful information on different types of lighting and tips on how to balance functionality, cost and environmental considerations.    Includes case studies on Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Australia; and Meliã Bali, Bali, Indonesia.

by EarthCheck


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