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Strengthening the Safety of the Hotel and Hospitality Industry Through First Aid Training

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We can all agree that at all levels within the hotel and hospitality sector we would rather the time worn cliché of ‘Accidents Will Happen’ was not true. However, real life tells us otherwise.

As a duty of care, Management must ensure that staff are looked after and that, in turn, a percentage of whom are trained in essential first aid and health and safety care. An accident or injury could potentially ruin a guest’s vacation. However, a swift and decisive response can mollify what could be a distressing and painful situation for the guest concerned.

When a disruptive event or disaster occurs in the vicinity of a hotel, resort or popular tourist destination employees may find themselves in the role of first responders before professional or specialized assistance can arrive at the scene. Therefore, ensuring that those working within the hotel and hospitality industry are equipped with the skills to administer basic first aid assistance is an important consideration for creating a more secure and safer tourism sector.

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Yohann Maillard, CEO of Bangkok First Aid comments: “People who have an accident or for example a cardiac arrest, naturally are in distress. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) often is fatal. Irreparable damage or death can occur in 4-6 minutes of SCA. In Thailand, paramedics take an average of 8-10 minutes to arrive. However, staff who are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED) and first aid skills can make the difference between life and death. CPR does keep the blood flowing to the core organs with some oxygen, allowing time for defibrillation and advanced care by Emergency Medical Services. Immediate CPR & AED can triple a patient’s chance of survival.”hospitality bkkfirstaid02

Building confidence to save lives is Bangkok First Aid’s mission. By providing enjoyable and accredited courses people become empowered and skilled in potentially saving someone’s life. Bangkok First Aid has delivered a number of specialized training courses and sessions to organizations engaged in the hospitality and tourism sector. Please see more information about the work of Bangkok First Aid by visiting the link:


Text and photos from Bangkok First Aid.



Mauritius Emergency Preparedness Conference Highlights the Need to Strengthen the Resilience of the Tourism Sector

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Produced by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)

The iPrepare Business facility of ADPC participated in the inaugural Emergency Planning Forum in Port Louis, Mauritius on 31 August 2016. The Emergency Preparedness conference, organized by Celero logistics group was a valuable exercise in facilitating dialogue between partners from government, media, regional organizations as well as a variety of private sector representatives  from the Mauritian media, tourism and telecommunication sectors, as well as key regional organizations such as the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) Secretary General represented by Ambassador H.E. K V Bhagirath, provided key perspectives and inputs into the day’s proceedings.

As well as informing the participants on ADPC’s work to integrate business, community and government for building more resilient societies, the iPrepare Business facility delivered an interactive activity session on ‘Preparing for Business Continuity Planning (BCP)’.

The session focused on four key sectors in the Mauritian context: PR & Media; Business & Technology; Supply Chain & Export and Tourism based on the innovation approach of the iPrepare Business facility under ADPC.

The exercise encouraged stakeholders from these different sectors to consider the value of BCP and take steps towards being better prepared for events which hold the potential to disrupt their operations, including natural disasters.

Furthermore, Mr. Sen Ramsamy, Managing Director of the Mauritius based firm Tourism Business Intelligence delivered a presentation on the need for a more resilient and sustainable tourism sector which is more actively engaged in Emergency Preparedness efforts alongside other key stakeholders such as government.  Mr. Ramsamy’s presentation is available here:


The key outcome of the Emergency Preparedness Conference was to identify ways forward for increasing private sector engagement for resilience strengthening efforts in the country as well as contributing to efforts for strengthening general disaster management arrangements by clarifying key gaps, challenges and potential areas across a number of key sectors including the tourism and hospitality sector.