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Preserving the environment and working towards a more sustainable future have become increasingly important agenda items in the world today. Tourism has a significant impact on the world economy, local communities, and the environment. As a result, businesses and individuals are now thinking in more sustainable ways.

People concerned about being a responsible traveller act as a driving force behind this global effort towards sustainability, with their own actions and choices. Therefore, it is beneficial to be informed about the local practices and the sustainability efforts that are being made by the destination you are planning to visit.

Here are some ways you can stay informed and become a sustainable traveller:

  • Minimise waste by using only what you need. Say no to plastic, as it is one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution.
  • Conserve the natural resources of the place you are visiting.
  • Support the local economy by shopping at local stores and vendors.
  • Make sure your actions are not adversely affecting the wildlife of the destination.
  • Make better decisions on where to stay via Bookdifferent, a hotel booking site that shows you the eco-label of various destinations and hotels.
  • Visit Verdict to stay on top of the latest news about travel destinations that are working on sustainable tourism.

Business travellers can also check out our responsible business travel guidelines to be better informed for your next trip.

Travelling is the best way to discover the world and fall in love with it. However, it is just as important that we work to develop a responsible and sustainable tourism industry to make sure what we love is preserved for future generations.


Is it even worth talking about sustainability in tourism when transportation, the cornerstone of travel, significantly damages the environment? Explore this question with us. Peter Berg Schmidt. Read more.

Tourism Leakage – this is how little your money contributes locally!

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Tourism LeakageHave you ever heard of tourism leakage? You will be surprised to learn how little of your holiday expenses actually remain to benefit the local community. This is especially an issue in low-resource settings. This article explores why this is so, and why tourism leakage is problematic. Peter Berg Schmidt. Read more.


November 08 2015 – Long before I arrive in Haiti I get a sense of what the name itself conjures up. There are no direct flights from the UK, so I’ve flown in via the Dominican Republic, Haiti’s conjoined twin on the island of Hispaniola. Kevin Rushby Read more.

October 21 2015 – Following the earthquake that struck Nepal earlier this year, many in the country’s tourism industry, supported by friends and colleagues from around the world, began to collaborate on ideas and solutions for how to get its tourism industry back on its feet as quickly as possible. Jeremy Smith Read more.


September 23 2015 – If you only read some of the more reactionary publications around, you might be mistaken for thinking that tourism’s response to the growing refugee crisis was mostly anger at having holidays spoiled. “Holidaymaker misery” ran one headline. “British tourists complain that impoverished boat migrants are making holidays ‘awkward’ in Kos” announced another. Jeremy Smith Read more.


Responsible Tourism: How to Preserve the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg

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Shoppers at Seattle's' Pikes Place Market

Shoppers at Seattle’s’ Pikes Place Market

15 June 2015 – Where did you go on your last vacation? Was it rewarding and satisfying? Would you recommend it to a friend? Did the destination meet your expectations? Or were you disappointed? Did traffic congestion, dirty air, crowded beaches, slipshod service or excessive commercialism leave you feeling frustrated and cheated? Edward  T. McMahon Read more



This study sought to gain further understanding on two aspects of the attractions sector and had two aims. Firstly, to examine the economic impact of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) attractions through analysing direct tourist expenditure attributable to the attractions as well as the expenditure by the attractions themselves within the ACT economy. Secondly it aimed to explore the visitation patterns of the ACT attractions through analysing tourist visitation, length of stay and travel recommendations.

by Brent W. Ritchie and Tracey J. Dickson


ACT Attractions: Direct Visitor Expenditure and Visitation Patterns Study

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