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Top tips for a sustainable Valentine’s celebration

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Valentine’s celebration

During the month of love be sure to impress your Valentine whilst simultaneously doing your part to help and protect the environment. Read on for tips about how to celebrate a memorable and sustainable Valentine’s Day.

 How to celebrate?

  • Have a low footprint Valentine’s dinner – Instead of the usual dinner date, why don’t make a romantic dinner at home using locally grown ingredients and with organic wine or juices. Avoid the crowds and higher prices and have some fun at home as a couple!
  • If home cooking isn’t your thing, then try to make the extra effort to find a restaurant that embraces green practices. Choose a restaurant that serves organic, locally sourced food. Check out the 10 best sustainable restaurants around the world!
  • Create some ambiance by using beeswax candles. They’re the perfect accompaniment to a romantic dinner and eco-friendly

Green gift ideas

  • Use art to express your love! Try making a homemade gift, or support a local artist. Check out these green gift giving tips for some ideas
  • Spoil your loved ones with organic Valentine’s Day treats. Buy organic and fair trade chocolate to support sustainable development. Here’s your guide to fair trade chocolate
  • Flowers are a classic symbol of love. The best option is to buy flowers that will never die – a perfect metaphor for your love! If you buy cut flowers, buy locally and buy organic, but try to choose potted plants whenever possible instead of cut flowers. Wow your loved ones with these amazing potted flowers gift options for Valentine’s Day
  • If your sweet Valentine is a lover of organic body care product, what better way to pamper your partner than by giving an organic massage oil and a massage? Check out websites such as Ebay or Amazon to find the perfect organic products
  • Still stuck for ideas? Check out our post, “Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas