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Sunday May 14th is Mother’s Day in many parts of the world. It’s our chance to celebrate the special mothers in our lives. Mothers form a large part of the global workforce. Did you know, for example, that tourism employs twice as many women than other business sectors?


Mother Nature must also be celebrated on this special day and here are ideas about how to give responsibly:


  1. Plants instead of flowers:

One estimate suggests that a massive US$ 2.6 billion is spent on flowers for Mother’s Day. However, potted plants are an eco-friendly alternative to flowers. Buy locally if possible to support local community commerce. Check this plant-delivery- service to get some inspiration.


  1. Get inspired – make a gift by yourself:

A home-made present is often the most thoughtful and sentimental. Start painting, knitting, and scrapbooking. Even making a coupon book out of recycled paper can make every Mom happy. Crafting gifts can be enjoyed by everyone, can be especially fun in a group, and will bring out the artist in you. Here are some craft ideas and inspiration to get you started!


  1. Choose the right packaging:

Wrapping gifts usually means an extensive use of unnecessary paper. Opt for used newspapers or fabric. Think about making a gift box that can be decorated with paintings or personal messages. The box can easily be reused for storage. Read more about alternatives to gift paper.


When celebrating Mother’s Day, remember that it’s the thought that counts. Putting real effort into choosing an appropriate may take some time – but it can make all mothers feel happy and appreciated whilst also making an important contribution to the protection of our environment.


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