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A World Vision Donor Sponsored a Boy. The Outcome Was a Mystery to Both.

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Image Source: The New York Times

HUSAN, West Bank — The Sabateen clan recognized the dewy-eyed boy in the World Vision sponsorship card from his birth date and the striped collar of his cardigan. His mother used to make him wear that sweater on special occasions. It was their Othman, who turned 18 on Monday but at the time was 5. None of his relatives recalled signing him up for the World Vision program — nor receiving any money. By


Earth Day at PATA 2016

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Earth Day began in 1970 and gave voice to an emerging consciousness, channeling human energy towards environmental issues. Forty-six years later, the Earth Day Network continues to lead with groundbreaking ideas and commendable action.

To celebrate Earth Day 2016 the team at PATA contributed donations to Earth Day Network’s ‘Trees for the Earth” campaign, providing them with the means to plant another 50 trees! They are now already 181% over their goal to plant 50,000 trees by April 22!


As part of our Earth Day celebrations at PATA, we also had an “Adopt a Plant” draw where staff could win their very own plants. These plants are great company indoors – especially around the office or at your desk. Just another way to celebrate and show appreciation for nature and our planet!



Last week was the International Volunteer Day which takes place every year on December 5th.

International Volunteer Day : orphanage tourism

“Children are not tourist attractions”

The growing popularity of international volunteering has led to the trend of orphanage tourism: people take time to volunteer at or visit an orphanage while visiting a foreign country. In Cambodia, a visit to an orphanage would include a short performance or dance routine by the children, accompanied with a request for a small donation to assist with orphanage running costs. Another version is for a tourist to volunteer for a few days at the orphanage. An entire industry has grown out of thousands of tourist visits.

A recent report into Cambodian orphanages has revealed that tourist visits, despite tourists’ best intentions, cause more harm than good. Orphanage tourism, often conducted by shady business operators, does more to harm, rather than help child protection, rights and education standards. In Cambodia, as in much of the developing world, orphanages opened for tourists are a problem, not a solution.

What can you do about it?

Five reasons funding should go directly to local NGOs

Locals give out food after a fire in an South African township. Photograph: Kim Ludbrook/EPA

Less than 2% of humanitarian aid goes directly to local NGOs, but Jennifer Lentfer argues that grassroots groups are best placed to help those in need, giving five reasons for that. Read more.


As a major hotel in Hong Kong, Eaton Hotel understands their responsibility to understand, reflect upon and change processes and policies that have the potential to inflict harm on the environment, communities and future generations.

by EarthCheck Pty Ltd


EarthCheck Case Study: Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong

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