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Guide maps being explained to blind travellers (Credit: The Independent)

One travel company is breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for everyone to explore India

Imagine travelling 2,000km across the country to see a temple you’ve dreamt of visiting, only to discover your family can’t get in. There is no wheelchair access – so your visually impaired father has to carry your wheelchair-bound mother up and down several dozen steps in order to pay homage.

It happened to Neha Arora as a child. Barring the odd school picnic or the visit to grandparents, she has no fond travel memories. It is not that her parents did not like to travel. It is just that, with their special needs, they found it near impossible.

Three decades ago, India was not the friendliest place for travellers with accessibility needs. In 2017, it still isn’t.

Read the full article on why Arora created Planet Abled here.

By Charukesi Ramadurai for The Independent.


Tourist Experiences of Individuals with Vision Impairment

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This research sought to develop understanding of the experience of travelling with vision impairment. It used an inductive approach with theory developed from the data. The paucity of research on travelling with vision impairment necessitated this first step in a process designed to gain a fuller understanding of the existing and potential tourism market. Without an understanding of the tourist experience, determination and creation of a viable market are not possible.

by Tanya L Packer, Jennie Small and Simon Darcy