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Cultural tourism can create opportunities that benefit travelers and the destination, but it requires thoughtful balance and strategy. We found insight from Peter Richards, consultant on Cultural Tourism Development and Market Access for the International Trade Centre.

Q: What are the most important elements of responsible travel as a whole?

Read the interview to find out how Peter Richards answered this question among others on living heritage experiences, as well as challenges and solutions and more here.

A Featured Conversation for PATA Conversations.


Galaxy , Mary’s ‘poler’, navigates the rich ecosystem of the inland delta (Credit: Mary Holland)

Botswana’s government-led anti-poaching unit has become a model for conservation in Africa

“If you provoke them, they will provoke you. If you respect them, they will respect you. With hippos, there are rules,” says Galaxy. He’s referring to the giant mammals that are haphazardly popping their heads out the water, just like the Hungry Hungry Hippos game.

Galaxy is a “poler”. He’s been navigating the Okavango Delta waterways by mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) for over 20 years – something his parents did, too. During the annual flood season, mokoro is the only mode of transport for many locals.

He also partakes in the annual mokoro race, which takes place on 20 October each year and aims to integrate cultural tourism – sharing traditional transportation, art, entertainment and games – with the more popular wildlife tourism. “In Botswana we are proud of tourism,” he tells me as we glide through the reeds past the grunting of the hippos, the dust of the buffalo and the swishing of the distant elephants.

Read the full article on Botswana’s high-quality, low-impact tourism model here.

By Marry Holland for The Independent.



November 06 2015 – Last week we were reminded that there’s still plenty to both love and learn about our planet, as news went viral about a 16th-century church in Mexico spookily rising from the watery depths. Abandoned in the 18th Century after a plague swept through the Chiapas region, the Temple of Santiago usually rests about 30m underwater. Ellie Cobb Read more.


UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference on Tourism and Culture gathers Ministers of Tourism and Culture for the first time

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Over 900 participants, including over 45 Ministers and Vice Ministers of Tourism and Culture, international experts, speakers and guests from 100 countries, gathered at the UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference on Tourism and Culture in Siem Reap, Cambodia, to explore and advance new partnership models between tourism and culture. Read more.

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This document profiles key Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) research in the field of cultural and heritage tourism, an important and growing component of the Australian tourism landscape. It has been developed with both industry and custodians of cultural and heritage assets in mind. It brings together summaries, statistics, key findings and recommendations in an easily accessible resource.
by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC)


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