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November MGM Sustainability News (2016)

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We all know energy doesn’t come for free; but even more importantly it also costs the earth more than we think. Most of the energy sources we depend on for our daily lives, like coal and natural gas, can’t be replaced – once we use them up, they’re gone forever. Another issue is that most forms of energy create pollution, with their associated greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming and climate change.

Conserving precious natural resources, and creating a better, more sustainable world, is a core company philosophy- with our energy management program reducing MGM’s energy consumption and carbon footprint by over a quarter since our company’s inception.  

Recognition for leadership in energy management

On October 18, it was announced that MGM is recipient once again of the ASHRAE Regional Technology Award for 2016, one of three winners in the Asia-Pacific region highlighted for best practice and innovation in energy management. Since 2008, MGM has reduced energy consumption by 28%, even despite high visitor numbers and an increasingly warming climate. MGM’s energy management program is characterized by investing is the best available technology in energy efficiency, as well as real-time monitoring through advanced systems that allow MGM to identify opportunities for energy saving right away.

Supporting local association for sustainability and energy efficiency

On September 27, MGM MACAU hosted the Macau Chapter inauguration ceremony of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), led by the global ASHRAE President, Mr Tim Wentz. ASHRAE is an international technical society dedicated to promoting sustainability and resource-efficient operations in buildings management, most notably through efforts to reduce energy consumption and improve internal air quality. With over 170 chapters worldwide, ASHRAE has extensive global reach and an impressive network of industry-leading knowledge, something the Macau Chapter will be able to leverage in contributing to Macau’s standing as a center for industry-leading expertise.

November MGM mgmMGM’s Executive Director of Engineering, Mr. Peter Chan, has been elected to be the first President of the Macau Chapter, warmly receiving the official chapter flag to mark the inauguration. “I am proud to have been awarded with this honor. The Chapter is excited about the opportunities for development that ASHRAE will bring in helping to build a platform to showcase and develop leading engineering expertise in Macau”, said Mr. Peter Chan.  


Knowledge sharing

November MGM mgm02In addition to hosting and sponsoring the event, MGM also donated the full set of ASHRAE technical materials as an educational resource to the University of Macau. These standards are often referenced in building codes worldwide, and are considered essential resources for the engineering industry. The materials were formally presented to Professor Pak Kin Wong, the Associate Dean of the University of Macau’s Faculty of Science and Technology, by Mr. Grant Bowie, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of MGM China Holding’s Limited. “One of our core sustainability objectives is to contribute to inspiring and providing the youth of Macau with the resources to become the future leaders of tomorrow; we are delighted to present these materials to the University of Macau’s Faculty of Science and Technology to support their aims to create world-class engineers. We are also proud of Peter’s great achievement in being elected as ASHRAE’s first President, which is testament to the high quality team we have here at MGM”, said Mr. Grant Bowie.

In a separate event, MGM’s Director of Sustainability, Ms. Rebecca Donnellan, also presented on its energy management strategy at the 2016 CSR Asia Summit on September 29 in Hong Kong. The Summit is one of the largest sustainability forums in Asia, attended by hundreds of professionals in the field sharing knowledge and discussing business solutions to complex sustainability problems in today’s society.

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