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Don’t Bother Me With Sustainability – I’m On Vacation!

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by Peter Berg Schmidt, Owner, Beachmeter.comPeter Berg

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Photo credits: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Photo credits: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Our holiday is a time to free ourselves from our worries

Join a sustainable tourism seminar today, and you will walk away thinking that sustainable tourism is the next big thing. If we could turn back time and enter the 90s, you would have walked away from the seminar with the same conviction; that tides were changing and a big boost in responsible travel was right around the corner. “A growing number of tourists prefer sustainable travel”, “One out of three travelers would pay more for staying at a sustainable hotel, up 10% from 5 years ago” etc. etc.

After 2-3 decades with positive outlooks on the growth of sustainable tourism, where do we stand today? It may be that ecotourism and other responsible forms of travel have become more visible and have seen an increase in total numbers, but so have other forms of travel during the steady growth of the tourism sector. No matter how we look at it, sustainable tourism is still an “alternative” and nowhere near the norm.

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This report aims to develop a better understanding of the contribution of the restaurant sector destination’s attractiveness. It explores in detail consumers’ perceptions, values and opinions in they value in a restaurant when on holiday and why. Specifically, the report investigates consumers’ patterns, the influence of various information sources on tourists’ restaurant choice, as well as reasons for dining out when on holiday. In addition, the report attempts to understand the influence and role of restaurants in consumers’ travel destination choice.

by Beverley Sparks, John Bowen, and Stefanie Klag