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The real world on reel: 20 Oscar-worthy movies about development

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Movies have the power to inspire, to influence and to raise awareness on a wide range of topics. Depictions of real world issues on reel are not uncommon; there have been a growing number of films exploring subject matters like racism, sexism, conflict, poverty and inequality. By Yula Marie Mediavillo.

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Working Together Through Times of War and Conflict

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migrant shift from the warMost recently our news pages have been covered in stories concerning the migrant shift from the war-torn countries of the middle-east, to Europe and beyond. We are told the horrific tales of the innocent bystanders who have fled their homes in search of safety and brighter prospects for their children. We have recently posted some inspiring articles on how the tourism industry has helped and can continue to help these immigrants.

With such a current example at hand, we can see here and now how war devastates a country, and shuts it off completely from the benefits that the tourism industry can bring. Besides this, these regions often take decades to recover, environmentally, economically, socially, and psychologically. This Saturday, on the 5th of November, the United Nations celebrates the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict. Let’s band together and encourage each other to be hospitable to those visiting our countries. One day, it may be one of us benefiting from the beauty of theirs. If you’re interested in reading more about how conflict affects tourism, click here.

For information about other ways in which you can help people in and from war zones, read this. Providing food, donations, and homes are just some of the inputs you may want to contribute to. 



23 March 2015 – Tourism is a thirsty business. Peak tourist seasons are generally during the driest months of the year. Tourism development is most intense in coastal areas and on islands, where potable water is typically scarce. Read more.