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September 3 2015 – The hotel industry will be able to compare energy and water use, as well as carbon footprint, using a new tool from the Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research (CHR).

Developed by researchers Howard Chong and Eric Ricaurte, the Hotel Sustainability Tool 2015 is available from the CHR at no charge. Environmental Leader Read more. 


Britain should turn swathes of its upland pastures into woodland to help prevent flooding, according to a former environment minister, Lord Rooker. He said new forests would slow flooding by trapping water with their roots. The idea of “rewilding” the uplands is catching on fast as parts of Britain face repeated flooding, with more rainfall on the way. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said he would seriously consider innovative solutions like rewilding. The government has been criticised for being slow to capitalise on the benefits of capturing rain where it falls. By Roger Harrabin. Read more.

Work has begun in the hills above Pickering, North Yorkshire, to slow the flow of the river. Source: BBC UK