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National Geographic launches long-term campaign on plastics

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© National Geographic

There can be little doubt that Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II had a transformative impact on the debate around plastics in the UK. But, while popular, I’m not sure this ‘national treasure’ has the same clout abroad.

We’re going to need other icons to step up and speak out.

Luckily, National Geographic is doing just that with the launch of its Plastic or Planet initiative.

Read the full article here.

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Our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali

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Melati and Isabel Wijsen: Our campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali

Image Source: TED

Plastic bags are essentially indestructible, yet they’re used and thrown away with reckless abandon. Most end up in the ocean, where they pollute the water and harm marine life; the rest are burned in garbage piles, where they release harmful dioxins into the atmosphere. Melati and Isabel Wijsen are on a mission to stop plastic bags from suffocating their beautiful island home of Bali. Melati and Isabel Wijsen.

Watch the video on!


World Water Day: better water, better jobs

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Today marks the 24th World Water Day! World Water Day dates back to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in 1992 where an international observance for water was recommended. Since 1993  the 22 March has become World Water Day. Each year UN-Water sets a theme around a current or future water challenge.

This year the theme is ‘better water, better jobs.’ It seeks to shed light on how workers’ lives and livelihoods are dependent on the quantity and quality of water and that this has a huge impact on societies and economies.

Did you know that today “about three quarters of households in sub-Saharan Africa fetch water from a source away from their home” (WHO/UNICEF, 2012). What’s more, 50-85% of the time it is women who carry out this task (ILO/WGF, n.d). This is one water related fact that should change.

So what can you do as a tourism business? Well as an organisation you have the power to create awareness, educate and take action with your staff, visitors and or other organisation you work with. Ideas include:

  • Make your voice heard on social media today by sending a selfie or group photo on how water is a part of your business
  • Send a submission to UN-Water on how water has changed your life or community
  • Think about what water means to you and submit an art work
  • Organise a debate in your office or organisation
  • Record a film and send it to UN-Water
  • Organise a photo contest
  • Or, get creative – think of something completely out of the box!

To watch the official 2016 trailer which gives a good depiction of this year’s theme click here.

To view an interesting image slideshow depicting the relationship between water and the world of work click here.

To expand your knowledge on water related challenges and opportunities check out the following articles and readings:

And remember, just because World Water Day is today, does not mean you should stop on the 23 March! Raise awareness, educate and take action throughout the year to truly be a part of creating better jobs through better water.


Meat Free Mondays – Get Your Business on Board

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Meat Free Mondays

Image source: Meat Free Mondays

Meat Free Mondays is a global campaign designed to educate and promote a reverse in a global trend where more people than ever are eating more meat, more often – partly attributed to rising incomes. 

It is not a necessarily a bad thing to eat meat; however, by including increasing amounts of meat in our diets we are fueling demand for livestock production, which according to the FAO is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale.

Reducing CO2 emissions is one of the biggest missions of our time and in order to curb emission levels, we all need to do our part.

This applies especially to the tourism industry, which is seeing a huge rise in meat consumption and culinary travel, where food is the main attraction. This trend contributes to the rise in meat consumption and so our industry has the opportunity to lead the way in presenting creative food itineraries that aren’t solely reliant on meat – or at least on Mondays.

If every tourism business joined the ‘Meat Free Mondays’ movement – imagine what a difference this would make?

To join the movement you can register your business here. Or follow via Facebook. You can even download informative posters to promote Meat Free Mondays to your customers and staff, or share a lighthearted article about vegetarians and why they aren’t so uncool.


by Yuvadee Nirattakun, Director, Marketing Research Division, Tourism Authority of Thailand

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