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Creating an effective corporate social responsibility strategy for your company

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There is no doubt that social and environmental awareness has been on the rise. With increasing competition to attract and keep talent, companies that have corporate social responsibility programs are deemed more attractive to both prospective employees and customers.

By creating an effective CSR strategy, you will not only be helping your company succeed but you will also be supporting the greater community in which it operates. Here are some of the many tips for creating an effective CSR strategy for your company:

  1. Commit to a cause that resonates with the mission, vision and values of your company

If you choose to support a specific cause, make sure that it is important that the cause resonates to all your team (both employees and clients) so they can devote themselves to it. For example, if your company makes cookies, an appropriate CSR cause could be to advocate for sustainable palm oil, as it has a direct link.

To gain further knowledge on this topic read this article.

  1. Establish achievable goals

Set realistic objectives, even if they seem small, rather than lofty over the top targets that will never be achieved. Build your goals on current resources rather than big-picture dreams. Remember you will have to measure them later so don’t load yourself with a huge baggage you can’t support.

  1. Be fully dedicated to the cause

Consistency is one of the keys for a good CSR strategy; be sure that all departments are fully engaged. Once you have managed to create a credible approach, don’t forget to monitor and measure its impact.

  1. Partner with reputable NGO’s

Partner with an NGO that is working directly with your cause. This organization can help guide your publicity surrounding your CSR efforts, and can ensure that your efforts are recognized.

Organizations such as Charity Watch, BBB Wise Alliance and Charity Navigator can help you with the selection.

  1. Make sure the team is included

If employees are fully engaged, they will be more receptive to the company’s values. It is important that all departments are aware of your organisation’s CSR strategy in order to help execute it. If you have doubts on how to increase your employees engagement read our article on how to “Boost your Green Team”.

  1. Share your story

Again, it’s all about engagement. Tell your costumers about your CSR efforts. Moderns consumers will reward companies that are socially and environmentally aware. Having and promoting a CSR strategy will earn you a competitive advantage over your competition.

  1. Measure and monitor

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Get a baseline, then measure your impact and monitor any change over time. Although it can get challenging, it’s easier to ask for help if you have data to bolster your case. Here you have some tips that may help you reach this goal.

As most companies are now aware of the advantages of having a CSR program, unfortunately some are exploiting CSR for inauthentic purposes. This has caused serious concerns to customers that are now less naïve to these issues. Obtaining certification is a great way to ensure to your customers that you are not joking on this matter.