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Don’t Bother Me With Sustainability – I’m On Vacation!

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by Peter Berg Schmidt, Owner, Beachmeter.comPeter Berg

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Photo credits: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Photo credits: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Our holiday is a time to free ourselves from our worries

Join a sustainable tourism seminar today, and you will walk away thinking that sustainable tourism is the next big thing. If we could turn back time and enter the 90s, you would have walked away from the seminar with the same conviction; that tides were changing and a big boost in responsible travel was right around the corner. “A growing number of tourists prefer sustainable travel”, “One out of three travelers would pay more for staying at a sustainable hotel, up 10% from 5 years ago” etc. etc.

After 2-3 decades with positive outlooks on the growth of sustainable tourism, where do we stand today? It may be that ecotourism and other responsible forms of travel have become more visible and have seen an increase in total numbers, but so have other forms of travel during the steady growth of the tourism sector. No matter how we look at it, sustainable tourism is still an “alternative” and nowhere near the norm.

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BookGreenerConnect, in partnership with GSTC and PATA, is proud to announce the launch of a series of free webinars on practical solutions to green your operations. The first webinar, “Water Efficiency Opportunities for Hotels” was held on Monday, May 18, 2015.

With the aim of connecting sustainable tourism players from all around the world, BookGreener created the platform BookGreenerConnect to share experts’ knowledge and experience in terms of best sustainable practices.

As you will discover, water consumption is not only costly but also a topic which will become more and more heated in the coming years. The tourism industry is coming under fire for its liberal use of water and will continue to be as words like hydric stress and drought will be known by many more.

Water efficiency is not only a winning gamble for the future, it will become a necessity.

To discuss this topic, we are pleased to let you hear some experts from the resort industry. Each of them has taken steps to tackle water consumption, and has come up with innovative ideas to efficiently save water and as you will see, money as well.

Speakers for this webinar included:
Anthony Wong, Owner of the greenest hotel in Malaysia – Frangipani Langkawi
Nicolas Dubrocard, Water Management Specialist, working with hotels all across Asia
Benjamin Lephilibert, Director at LightBlue Environmental Consulting
Alexandre Tsuk, Founder of BookGreener

To view the webinar, click here.

To view or download slides from the webinar, click here.

About BookGreener: 
For travelers looking for eco-experiences, BookGreener gives them access to the world’s green hotels. Moreover for every booking made through the website, a tree will be planted. BookGreener aims at promoting hotels that are part of the solution and not part of the problem, hotels caring about local communities and culture, wildlife and environment conservation as well as preserving a unique experience for travelers.

For hotel owners, list your hotel for free on BookGreener:

BookGreenerConnect is a peer-to-peer skill sharing platform for professionals involved in promoting sustainability within the tourism industry: hotel owners, sustainability officers, labels, consultants…The tool allows any member to post a best practice, comment and add tips.