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Floating Village in Cambodia

The Disproportionate Growth of Tourism, or what I would personally call “The Bucket List Phenomena”, is something affecting many countries and regions around the globe. The problem is that it is not sustainable, already sites like Angor Wat and others around the globe have too many visitors, more than they can cope with to the point where sites are getting damaged and their future sustainability threatened. Mario Hardy. Read more.



Eat, Stay, Buy Locally: Treading Lightly on the Road

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Between the intricate shrines of Angkor Wat, the diverse landscapes of the countryside and the kindness of its people — and despite the horrors of its recent history — Cambodia knocks a lot of people off their feet. It certainly had that effect on me when I first visited a few years ago and then again when I returned this winter. Yet it was impossible not to notice the school-age children begging barefoot at the major tourist sites, underage local women escorting Western men on sex tours, and the proliferation of seemingly unsustainable large-scale resorts being built on the pristine southern coast.

It’s a classic traveler’s question, one that is especially pronounced in developing or poor countries: Is your visit to a destination ultimately helping or hurting the place and its people? Is it possible to travel ethically in such places? By Ondine Cohane. Read more.