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National and State Policy and Plans

Tourism policy and planning at a National and State level provides a framework for tourism development and management at a destination or local / regional level. Strategic planning for tourism at a destination level must align and integrate with national and state policy and plans as well as local planning frameworks.

As identified in the ‘Local Government Pathways to Sustainable Tourism’ toolkit developed by the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre, the development of a regional governance map can assist in understanding the tourism planning framework in which a destination operates. A governance map helps to identify linkages between stakeholders, decision-making and governance structures and the plans and policies at a National, State and Local level that will impact on the strategic planning for tourism in a destination. An example of a governance map is provided below.


Planning for tourism in a destination must not only integrate with National and State tourism strategies and policies but also consider other relevant plans such as economic development, infrastructure, environment, sport and recreation and transport. For further information on the planning environment in which tourism operates please see the section on ‘Statutory and Planning Environment’.


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Analysis Of National, State, Regional And Local Tourism Strategies And Plans: Identification Of Strategic Issues Full Version

The extended appendix version of the Analysis of national, state, regional and local tourism strategies and plans: identification of strategic issues report contains additional appendices that summarise each of the 76 strategies that composed the sample included in the analysis. These detailed appendices reveal major issues that emerged from each document and shows how the emerging issues were categorised. This version also contains referencing details of all the current strategies and plans that were able to be obtained throughout the course of the intensive literature collection.

by Char-lee McLennan and Lisa Ruhanen

Analysis Of National, State, Regional And Local Tourism Strategies And Plans: Identification Of Strategic Issues Short Version

This scoping study provides an overview of a detailed analysis undertaken on 76 Australian National, State/Territory, Regional and Local Tourism strategies and plans. This study aimed to compile an extensive desk top audit and review in order to create a document database and to identify current issues concerning the Australian tourism industry.

by Char-lee McLennan and Lisa Ruhanen

Public/Private Partnerships for Sustainable Tourism

The objective of this report is to provide a framework for the sustainable development of the travel and tourism industry in the APEC region, through public/private partnerships, and to deliver a sustainability strategy for tourism destinations.

by Terry De Lacy, Marion Battig, Stewart Moore, and Steve Noakes

State and Federal Taxes on Tourism in Australia

This report looks at the contribution of tourism taxes to the economies of the Australian states/territories. Areas of analysis include chapters on production taxes on tourism, commodity taxes on tourism and the total tourism taxes levied and received by states/ territories.

by Peter Forsyth, Daniel Pambudi, Ray Spurr, Larry Dwyer, Thiep Van Ho and Serajul Hoque

The McKinsey Report: China’s Green Opportunity

To help policy makers and business leaders identify and prioritize additional opportunities to raise energy efficiency in China and make its growth more sustainable, McKinsey & Company undertook a study of technologies, measuring their impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Published in the McKinsley Quarterly, this report outlines their research and findings.

by McKinsey & Company