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Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect holiday gifts for loved ones may seem difficult and stressful sometimes. For this holiday season, instead of giving the traditional boxed gifts, consider giving a present that has a really positive impact.

Here are some great ideas to help you become a responsible gift giver this holiday:

Sustainable Material Gift

  • Choose Sustainable Materials: Choose items that are made from natural and renewable materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, wood, hemp, wool, or silk. Not only do these materials feel nice, but they also support sustainable industries.

Vintage Gift Ideas

  • Shop second-hand or vintage: One of the most sustainable things you can do for the planet is to support recycling. Shopping second-hand and vintage goods helps to extend the life cycle of a product. These gifts are unique, thoughtful, and full of history, and are often less expensive than their newer counterparts – not to mention the consignment and vintage shopping experience itself is part of the thrill of finding the perfect holiday gift.

Shop Local Gift

  • Purchase responsibly: We recommend that you buy fair-trade products that support goods produced in developing countries to achieve sustainable development, that support fair-trade farmers and small communities. Shop local to support your own community or consider supporting other small businesses online such as through Etsy – a peer-to-peer site that sells homemade/handcrafted and vintage goods.


The Gift of Charity

Image credits: TisBest

  • The Gift of Charity: The holiday season is a time for giving. By giving a charitable gift for the holidays, you’re actually giving twice! Consider giving a charity gift card, or making a donation in a loved one’s name this holiday, allowing the recipient to experience the rewards of donating to a cause of their choice. Check out TisBest for more information

Give an experience gift

  • Celebrate Together: Rather than giving something material, which could eventually find its way to the landfill, ‘give an experience gift’. Purchase a homemade coupon for a family bowling outing, a museum visit, a picnic in the park or other fun activity. Better still, in the spirit of holiday, find a way to conserve resources while at the same time connecting with others, thus creating lasting memories by inviting friends and family to celebrate with you in your home. The perfect gift for this festive season!

Enjoy a responsible holiday and make sure you do your part this year. We wish you much joy as you celebrate a ‘greener’ holiday!