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Raise your Hands to Support Soap Recycling

Ever wondered what happens to soap used by hotel guests? Ugandan-born social entrepreneur Derreck Kayongo of the Global Soap Project has created a clever solution that diverts soap scraps from landfills and improves the quality of life in regions suffering from ill health caused by poor levels of hygiene.

recycling clean-the-world-christianservicehygienekits2

Clean the World distributes Hygiene Kits (source: Clean the World)

Easily prevented by proper handwashing, diarrheal diseases and acute respiratory infections are significant causes of death in developing countries. By partnering with major hotel chains, airlines and corporations the Global Soap Project, which has joined forces with Clean the World, collects and recycles soap scraps and donates them to those in need. This project helps to encourage better hygiene and reduce occurrences of these diseases.

This is not an initiative that’s confined to the hospitality industry. Indeed, anyone can help.

recycling tumblr_nknz69a9ee1tejdw8o1_500

A Clean the World recycling centre (source: Clean the World)

So, why not start a ‘soap drive’ at your place of work? Scraps collected can be donated to Clean the World or other recycling organisations (see our list below). You may also recycle the soap (step-by-step guide) and distribute it to worthy causes such as local homeless shelters, orphanages and schools. It’s a simple yet significant project that your company’s Green Team can adopt. Don’t have a Green Team yet? Read our tips on how to form one here!

recycling sundara-myanmar-children-with-soap-blocks-in-bago

Kids in Bago, Myanmar with recycled soap blocks. (source: Sundara Fund)

Recycling your own soap at home is a great step towards a sustainable lifestyle. And it saves you money! What are you waiting for? Check out Good Housekeeping’s 10 Simple Ways to Recycle Soap Slivers Into Something Useful and start recycling today!

Soap recycling organisations and their locations: