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Subsidising to Promote Green Tourism

Promote Green Tourism: greenEconomyReport

Image Source: UNEP

Many governments already spend funds on developing and promoting local assets valuable to the tourism industry, such as culture, transportation systems, and other infrastructural matters (e.g. water and waste management). This spending helps to decrease the investment many private sector stakeholders would have to make, aiding in the development of greener tourism.

Further, tax concessions can be a good way of stimulating the increase in green tourism investments. Tax incentives given to tourism businesses to encourage their engagement in greener business practices and more ‘eco’ tourism. Subsidies generally promote the installment and implementation of waste, water, and energy reduction initiatives.

Check with your local and national government to find out how you can save on taxes and energy. (For example, here are some in the US.)

Further information on the development of green tourism can be found in UNEP’s publication, “Tourism – Investing in energy and resource efficiency.”