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In 2016 Destination Asia committed resources to the development of 26 corporate social responsibility programs and achieved STEPS sustainability certification from Sustainable Travel International in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia. The continuation and progression of each of these projects will be at the forefront of our CSR commitments in 2017. Managing business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society while operating responsibly is paramount in every aspect of our operations.

At Destination Asia we are working to maximize the benefits to local communities of our presence, while minimizing any negative impacts. Our projects aim to build beneficial, long-term relationships that contribute to the improvement of livelihoods while preserving our planet’s fragile ecosystem. We will continue to support education, community development, health and medical improvements, environmental initiatives, disaster relief and provide any urgent assistance that local communities may require. Our future steps aim not only to ‘Give Back’, but empower the people of these communities to build their own future through education, training and confidence building.


Working with local communities to create authentic travel experiences that benefit the destination and its
indigenous people.


A deeper understanding of the place we visit not only enhances our experience, but can help avoid making the wrong decision when faced with challenging situations.


Together we can make a difference by providing the necessary tools and support to empower, without creating a situation of dependency.


We tread lightly in the areas where we operate – always considering the impact our actions will have on the environment and wellbeing of those who call it home.

Read more about Destination Asia and their CSR initiatives here.


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