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Rescue Food Scraps and Donate to Food Banks

Rescue Food Scraps

Image Source: The Global FoodBanking Networking

Food banks are a type of organization that distributes food to those who cannot afford to buy it themselves. These organizations collect food from events, retailers, and local communities, and serve it to people in need.

Through food banks, individuals can help who are hungry, as well as reduce food waste. One third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted according to the Food and Agriculture Organization. If nothing is done, food waste could rise to over 120 million tonnes by 2020.

Of course the best way to reduce waste is to produce less – in other words, chefs and home cooks alike must plan accordingly. For restaurants, this also means purchasing less and boosting margins. Do your part by learning more about food waste and how you can prevent it.

One area where the travel and tourism industry produces a lot of food waste is the events sector. Here are some tips to make your event more sustainable when it comes to fighting food waste.

Food banks are an essential tool in fighting global hunger and malnutrition. Food banks are available in most big cities, here are some examples:

If you are planning to donate, here is a checklist on healthy food donations for reference.

“If you cannot feed hundred people at least feed one” – Mother Teresa