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PATA gathers thought leaders to brainstorm ways to battle single-use plastics in the travel and tourism industry

Did you know?

  • Nearly 50% of the plastic waste generated globally in 2015 was plastic packaging (UNEP 2018).
  • This waste comes in the form of small plastic-packaged shampoos, conditioner, body wash, lotions, shower cap, etc.
  • 95% of the plastic used in your hotel room ends up in landfill where it takes hundreds of years for it to decompose, and only into fragments called microplastics.

The production of plastics poses a great number of problems in our ecosystem and the world simply cannot cope with the overwhelming amount of plastic waste.

PATA is uniquely positioned to bring the industry together in a collaborative effort. As our mandate is to act as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel and tourism to, from and within Asia Pacific, we welcomed 15 thought leaders and industry experts to our office to discuss how we can work together to tackle this problem. This special brainstorming session involved PATA members and partners from the hotel industry, academia, non-profits, as well as the private sector. During this two-hour session, we learned about the challenges industry is facing, and came up with ways that PATA could potentially help to fill the gap.

PATA will continue to seek public-private partnerships to raise awareness on the single-use plastic issue and to drive positive change in the future. A campaign to tackle single-use plastics in the travel and tourism industry is set to be launched in spring/summer of 2019. Will you be part of the problem or solution?

We encourage any organisations that have the same vision as us to get in touch so we can make a difference together. Please contact: PATA: Chi Lo, Sustainability & Social Responsibility Specialist: [email protected]