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Wild Asia was first established in 2003 as a Malaysian-based social enterprise. We work to help adapt the way consumers, businesses and traders operate, ensuring that they can leave a positive footprint on the developing world. We take a bottom-up approach starting at the very beginning: the raw materials. It is here that we find ways to guide organisations in creating a better environment for their employees, local communities and surrounding biodiversity. By working within key sectors – such as the palm oil or tourism industry – we have gained a unique insight on how producers, buyers and consumers can develop innovative ways to promote positive change.

Wild Asia works to protect and support the conservation of natural areas and local communities dependent on them. Through strategic partnerships with businesses and passionate individuals, we provide advisory services and engaging training modules to facilitate learning and implementation of international standards and guidelines.

Wild Asia’s Responsible Tourism Initiative provides personalised professional and technical support to tourism businesses in the following areas:

  •  Communications – Discover how to effectively communicate your responsible tourism messages. Wild Asia is specialised in helping tourism businesses communicate their sustainability story in a meaningful and effective way. We will assess, recommend, and create messages that connect your business with your customer.
  • Responsible Tourism Baseline Assessment & Reporting  – You are interested in making your business more sustainable, but don’t know where to start. This is the perfect first step. A Wild Asia consultant will personally visit your property or participate in one of your tours to get a better idea of what you offer guests. Using our bespoke tourism criteria benchmarked against the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC), our consultant will provide you with a thorough report of findings, recommendations, and key priority areas to improve.
  • Training, Capacity Building & Workshops – Wild Asia hopes to nurture local talent from within destinations to care for the environment and the people throughout tourism. We believe that people are the biggest assets in any business; hence they need to be trained. We offer bespoke sustainability training programmes to meet specific needs of a tourism business, at your location. Run by experienced trainers and experts, our workshops are participatory and practical. We will share regional case studies from our Responsible Tourism Awards and proven tools and strategies that will benefit your business.
  • Support to meet International Sustainable Tourism Standards – Wild Asia is aligned with global standards, and the regional strategic partner for Travelife, the world’s most far-reaching sustainable tourism certification scheme. We can support businesses towards certification and to exceed international standards. Wild Asia also runs the annual Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards to identify leaders across this region.